Mount Martin is Open for the Holidays!

Mount Martin received enough snow last weekend to be open for the Christmas Break!!!  Check the Hours and Rates page for the holiday schedule and rates.  A Christmas break pass can be purchased for $50.00 (no refunds).  As always please call the Snow Phone for the most up to date information.  We try to maintain the new website as best we can but conditions change all the time so its best to always check the Snow Phone if in doubt.  We will try to keep things up to date better when the holidays are over but volunteers are away for now!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow and the holidays!

Hill Opening Coming Soon!

As of Friday December 21st we are getting a lot SNOW!!!  With the accumulation of snow we are anticipating being open for the Christmas Holiday Break however because of the warm temperatures this is not confirmed yet.  As always, call the SNOWPHONE for the most up to date information before you come (613-584-2809)!  We have posted a potential holiday schedule on the Hours and Rates page and we all have our fingers crossed!!!  A holiday pass can be purchased for $50.00 (no refunds).