Hill Re-Opens with cold temperatures – Jan 17th

Mount Martin Ski Club is OPEN for business again and following regular hours of operation as of January 17th!

The freezing rain and warm temperatures from last week had forced the hill to close and remain close through the weekend.  The temperatures have since dropped and allowed the hill to reopen.  There has been no new snow however so expect hard and icy conditions and use caution approaching the lift line at the bottom of the hill.  The temperature is expected to rise for Saturday and there is a chance of snow for the weekend.

Ski and snowboard lessons will begin on Saturday (times were provided by ski instructors).

Racing also begins on Saturday at 1:30pm.  Meet at the sign board to begin with.  We have our first race at MMSC on Sunday and need to get as much training in, as safely as possible before the race.  The race at MMSC is for the UOVSZ Nancy Greene and Patterson racers.  Race begins at 10:00am, all racers please arrive at 9:00am for registration and course inspection.

Happy Skiing and Boarding again… hope for snow!

Lessons and Racing Start Jan 12 Weather Dependent

If you have signed your children up for ski/snowboard lessons or for the racing program you have probably heard from your instructor or coach about lesson times.  If not please contact Leanna/Jon or Heather Tumber to confirm your lesson times.  Unfortunately we are experiencing some less than helpful weather conditions as of Friday January 11th.  The lessons and racing will be dependent on the hill conditions and whether or not the hill will open on Saturday.  We will try to keep everyone as informed as possible however the most up to date information is the SnowPhone (the number is on the back of your pass!).

Racing for both the Nancy Greene and Paterson League starts Saturday @ 1:30pm (meet by the sign board) and is dependent on whether the hill will be open Saturday.  If not, don’t worry we still have next Saturday to practice before our first race on Sunday January 20th at MMSC.

Hope for snow and cooler temperatures!