Closed for the Season

March 18, 2020
Only a few weeks ago, everyone was having the time of their lives, enjoying perfect conditions at MMSC. Then the rain came and so did COVID-19. We were hoping that the rain would not happen and never expected the fall-out from COVID-19. In fact, we were planning to open MMSC to everyone on the Tuesday evening.
MMSC executive would like to say a proper good-bye and see you next year to all of our friends and supporters. To Myrna and Steve and all the ski patrol team, to Ryland, our amazing hill manager and his lift team, Dana and her treats and for helping out MMSC executive, to many others who work behind the scenes, including Chris Forbes, Jerry Albrecht, Pete Rose and the crew that worked on the Groomer Shed, Tracy Lance and Dave Martin, Ian Ingram, to all the wonderful parents and students who helped Katie Hogue and Mark Chapman and the race team and to my darling instructors who helped me with the Ski and Board lessons and to Cori and Joe, for the Maple Taffy, Gearhead’s for Demo Day and their support and Becky Bergeron and Lauren Kinghorn and her team for organizing CNL in choosing our MMSC facility for a play day for their employees and their families. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Town of Deep River and to Christine Armstrong and our Mayor, Susan D-Eon and all the councilors for granting us our application for funding for our instruction program.
The biggest problem with identifying some is that we may have left out valuable helpers along the way. For this we are truly sorry and your work is no less meaningful to us.
Finally we would like to thank all those who supported us over the season and for all of our new friends that decided to take a chance on MMSC. We look forward to seeing you next season or possibly at Pine Point Beach during the summer.