Fold each section in half, in half again and in half once more as shown in the diagram below. Your finished bundle is approximately 3 ½” wide and 36” long. Try holding the wool flat between your gongers under the frame. My question is how much space do I leave between the outline and the “fill” line (and all the other fill lines). It is the packing of the loops together that keeps the loops from falling out, but if you pack it too tightly your rug will curl up. Small cuts … 9. Decide how long of a strip you want to hook. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you are cutting by hand and are using 1/4" strips of wool for hooking, notch and tear your 3" x 12" piece of wool every 1/2". In this video, he demonstrates how to use two basic cloth splitting machines. How to Rip New Wool (off the bolt) for Dyeing. In the early days women sometimes substituted strips of cotton fabric for the more costly strands of wool for Locker Hooked rugs which were quite similar in appearance to traditionally hooked rugs. I have recently finished a small rug (2′ by 3′) and have bound the edges. From shop Mamasusy. I haven’t hooked for over 50 years but now retired, I really want to get back to it. 100 # 6 white rug hooking strips wool 12" lengths. Getting Started 1. (That means, I quickly started making a mess, the back looks like a dog’s breakfast, etc. I started with the cut-offs of wool blankets I bought at Wonderwool. Ripping keeps your edges on the … 5 out of 5 stars. Approximately 6 oz. What are your suggestions for someone wanting to get started as far as purchases are concerned? thanks. Rug Hooking Supplies. Decide how long of a strip you want to hook. Learn to rug hook with complete kits, design your own beautiful hooked art. Your folds will be parallel to the selvedge. Yet another great tip from a fabulous teacher. My MIL passed away suddenly two years ago. Save the selvedges. Mamasusy. Continue to hook in every second or third hole, depending on the width and thickness of your wool. As you hook, keep your burlap tight on your frame as this makes the hooking quite a bit easier. For sky and grass I use a piece 4 swatches wide @ 18″ long (a swatch set). Do not hook too tightly or your mat will not lie flat. VERY inspirational!! You can cut it into one quarter to one half inch strips. Fortunately, Loopy has the beautiful Bolivar Cutter from Nova Scotia. You have shown how to get the right amount off for cutting up later. Beautiful hand hooked mats. Fine wools are okay but you can’t cut them in … Spend more time hooking and less time stripping with these versatile and handy cutters. How wide should the strips be? I know she had the rug in mind for one of her friends so I want to surprise her with it. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! my wool cut-offs. Latch Hook Rug Yarn Latch Precut Wool Yarn Latch Knotted Rug Wool Packs Suitable for Cross Stitch Carpet Pillowcase DIY Crafts 6 Colors (C) 3.8 out of 5 stars 10 £5.99 £ 5 . When you get to the end of the strip or of an outline, pull up the entire tail of the strip. Be careful not to cross the paths of your wool on the back of the pattern. You can sew by hand black cotton twill tape around the outside edges of the rug. Form all your outlines using different colors of wool or fabric strips as desired. If you teach, please feel free to print off these instructions and share them with beginners compliments of , Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Rug Hooking Studio. The straight of grain is obtained when the wool is ripped. Rip into sections of the desired size. It requires no energy sources but your own hands, and is a beautiful meditative craft that you can do as the world goes on around you. 3. Wrap a wool strip around you hook like this. Always clip your wool and start in a new place, rather than carrying a color across the back of your mat because this will make your rug bulky, messy and easy to pull out. Never cut wool. From shop LoopbyLoopStudio. I recommend synthrapol or other wetting agent that is pH neutral. Favorite. Lots of options = confusion for me. How to Cut Wool Strips for Hooked Rugs Step 1. Thank you! Deanne, can you address what you do when you get ‘stuck’ on what to hook next? 6. Cindi, All kits include: pattern printed on monks cloth, traditional hook, precut hand-dyed wool strips and Basic Rug Hook Instructions. Take a strip of wool and hold it underneath your pattern. The information below is an excerpt from my book, Dyeing by the Numbers. Add to. Put the hook through a hole in the burlap, wrap the wool around the hook on the underside of the burlap, and pull the end of the wool up through the hole. Hooking rugs is meant to be a pleasant pastime. Unfortunately, I doubt I will ever buy a bolt of wool, but I can use the information on smaller pieces of wool, such as a yard or a half yard. As a last resort I decided to try and wash another piece and to my delight it came out beautifully “fulled”. Some people even hand cut their strips in order to get the widest cuts. Select our Wool Cutting Service for Antique Paisley. You will receive a random assortment of wool rug strips featuring many of our most popular patterns and prints. I just started wool hooking and am having trouble pulling the loops through w/o the wool strips raveling. Each strip is unique in color and design. Fold the wool in half; snip at the fold and rip. Cut as straight as possible. Then use shears to cut the 1/2" strip in half. Fabric cutting machines offer a faster, safer, more comfortable and more precise method of generating strips for rug hooking. … Measure 36″ along the selvedge of your wool, snip and rip. It is easy to pull out the mess. What am I doing wrong? Continue to hook, by outlining and filling in all the areas of your rug. THanks, CindyML. Place the used wool clothing into a washing machine. *Accurately I am a new rug hooker. There might be some Wool/Yarn included as well. A simple method for cutting wool is to take an eight-by-four inch rectangle of wool cloth, fold it accordion-style, and cut it into strips. It is an environmentally friendly craft� that recycles old clothing and cloth scraps. Learn which colors are represented by which symbols on the chart. Most of the wool has been died or already washed, so I am having a hard time drying to determine which way to cut my strips on these pieces of wool. It was fraying terribly and I was about to give up on it. 5. Thank you so much for your clear description and pictures. My own mother took a sixty year break from rug hooking, and made more than a dozen mats after that. 12. If you are comfortable, relaxed, and have support for your back, the hooking will go along much more easily. Cut a strip of wool cloth about one quarter an inch wide, and about eight to twelve inches long. Fabric Cutting Machines. There are many ways of finishing the edges of a rug. You first fasten your pattern, which is a piece of burlap with a picture drawn upon onto a frame such as a heavy duty... 2. *Decide the number of rows for filling in a large space, such as a border. Rug hooking today typically uses strips of wool of varying width (1/32 to 1/2 of an inch) that are pulled through a stiff woven backing (burlap, linen, or rug warp) with a tool (rug hook) to form loops. When you hook, try not to go from left to right but cover many parts of the rugs area in case you should run short of wool. It should lie flat and be tight like a drum. *Decide what size of strip to use for lettering. of cut wool strips. ...or go to the home page for the link for the upcoming event. A simple method for cutting wool is to take an eight-by-four inch rectangle of wool cloth, fold it accordion-style, and cut it into strips. This will give you a section of 8 swatches, the equivalent of 1/2 yard if you originally measured 36” long. GREAT INFO on your page! so many project ideas but tough to focus…. I prefer 36” (1 yard) but will occasionally dye 18” for smaller projects. (For example 4" x 25" or 5" x 20"). Variations in color and shading are accomplished with both patterns in the fabric strips used (solids, … What am I doing wrong? Ok my prim pals, this is the first in a series of rug hooking tutorials I am doing. Gene Shepherd has the answers. 4. Back home I cut them all up into strips with my rotary cutter. How do you cut wool for rug hooking? What are the secrets to cutting strips for hooking rugs? Step 2. If the exact amount of wool isn’t important to your formula, you can leave the selvedges on. This clamp-on cloth cutting machine will cut strips for hooked, braided or woven rugs. CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO ZOOM IN KITS by Sara-Beth GOT WOOL 14″ X 18″ $125.00 BEAR IN THE WOODS 8 Though if edges are messy it can still look great. Thank you!! If the fabric goes on the bias even a little, hooking will cause it to break. Lots of loose threads. Despite its practicality, Locker Hooking never really gained the popularity it deserved in America. It is a good idea to start by outlining something near the center of your pattern. If you require specific patterns please call for availability. 100% wool fabric strips cut in #8 (1/4") A color photo of the finished piece along with the color key Pattern drawn on cotton monks cloth sealed at the edges to prevent fraying Easy to follow rug hooking instructions Cotton rug binding to finish it off on the back once you have it hooked This saves a lot of time and works best with five-and-a-half inch scissors as they have a shorter blade. Is it finished or do I have to block it? Anyway, your clear instructions have me on a better path and I am still encouraged. 5 out of 5 stars (1,478) 1,478 reviews $ 11.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to 100 # 6 white rug hooking strips wool 12" lengths Mamasusy. Felting is a process that causes the wool to shrink a bit and the fibers to bind together. A simple method for cutting wool is to take an eight-by-four inch rectangle of wool cloth, fold it accordion-style, and cut it into strips. Put your pattern onto an embroidery frame or quilting hoop. Soaking in soap will affect the pH level and require more acid to set. This strip sizer is precision cut metal with an enamel coating.What can I do with a strip sizer? Borgne M. Keith. Braiding a Rug Cut your fabric into strips. I like to press the rug with a hot iron and a wet cloth. I have recently purchased a strip cutter and a sampling of pieces of wool. Some hook with fine wools and just keep their scissors handy for trimming. The equipment and materials you'll need to make hooked rugs include wool strips, a hand hook, scissors, and burlap. I have been doing every other on the outline but if I leave a space between the outline and the fill as well, burlap is visible and that doesn’t look right. Let us cut your Paisley strips for you, $.50 each. How wide should the strips be? Selvedges are often used in prodding projects also. Read the instructions for the rug. If you do this you can always add more wool of a slightly different color to complete your rug. If you need more to cover the space you are going to hook, use more swatch sets. The pieces are all 28 x 16 1/2 or 16 x 13 ” I am not a sewer and I am not sure what is the ‘straight’ of the grain. I am new to rug hooking. The rug hook often has a wooden handle to provide a more ergonomic grip to the hooker. Susan. When in doubt, cut is so you get the longest strips. Cut it at 36″ off the bolt. Snip the beginning and ending tails to the same height as the loops. Take your hook, holding it in your hand as you would a pencil. Hold your hook in the hand you use to hold your pencil… When your strip is used up, pull the end of the strip to the top side of your pattern, and clip the end so that it is an even height with your loops. I have just started, having borrowed enough supplies on Friday from a friend who had invited me to a meeting of their Guild. In this first lesson we are going to cover the materilas needed to begin rug hooking. Measure 36″ along the selvedge of your wool, snip and rip. Hundreds have been sold to satisfied customers all over North America. They are great for testing dye baths (if undyed), tying up bundles of wool, etc. $7.50. Bottom strip washed in front loader. This saves a lot of time and works best with five-and-a-half inch scissors as they have a shorter blade. I am a beginner and have just finished my first outline. I push up against the outline. In going through her crafts, I brought home her unfinished rugs and tools. 7. In addition, he explains how to cut strips with simple scissors or a rotary cutter. 3. Cut apart the clothing at the seams and snip away any stitched-together pieces. For spot dyes and backgrounds I use the full 1/2 yard piece.Soak to wet the wool and dye as desired. 8. It's important to do this so the wool strips don't fray when you hook them, and it will also make your rug … Any instructions would be appreciated. If the rug is going on the wall, you can fold the excess burlap along the back side of the rug, and sew it up. Also, can I use other fabric, especially cotton? Help. Never cut wool. What are the secrets to cutting strips for hooking rugs? Thanks! Take a … I just started rug hooking and am just practicing. The early settlers to North America hooked their old clothing on to burlap bags as a way of warming cold damp floors. Unique rug hooking wool, kits, supplies and information. No human with scissors can do as well. See the diagram above. Fraser Rag Cutter . 3. 2. I see several different hook choices as well. If you don't have access to a cutter, and purchase uncut wool, larger strips of wool are much easier to cut, and for very primitive style rugs the strips can be ripped to cut. In this video, he demonstrates how to use two basic cloth splitting machines to make wool strips. You now have a fat 1/2 yard. Your wool should be clean and ready to use. Purchased By The Pound. Your wool should be clean and ready to use. Yes, wool that is used for rug hooking should be felted before you cut it into strips. I know I need some sort of a frame, but there are many. Cuts for rug hooking can range from a #2 cut (2/32nds of an inch) to a #10 cut (10/32nds of an inch) and beyond! I feel I have achieved something already! It may even enhance the primitive quality of your design.10. Rug Hooking Kits Rug Hooking Patterns Locker Hooking Hook Punch Hand Hooked Rugs Polymer Clay Dolls Sheepskin Rug Penny Rugs Hand Tufted Rugs. A thinner, suit wool could be hooked beautifully if you tear the strips wide, about an inch and fold under the fraying edges and hook the flat top. The Bolivar Fabric Cutter was the first on the market in 1993 with a rug hooking fabric cutting tool that uses circular shearing action to cut fabric into strips. If so, your strips will run parallel (think railroad tracks) with the selvege. This is called blocking the rug and it helps give the rug a finished patina and even out the loops. A great start to your own hit-and-miss project! Do any of the pieces have a selvege? 2. Snip close to the selvedges and tear them off. Hand cutting the wool with scissors can be very time consuming, so either purchasing precut strips, or using a cutter is a necessity for working with these small sizes. Sizzix Wool Cutting Package ~ Cut 60 Strips with 1 Turn. Gene Shepherd has the answers. This saves a lot of time and works best with five-and-a-half inch scissors as they have a shorter blade. Nov 20, 2017 - How do you cut wool for rug hooking? The straight of grain is important for the strength and durability of your strips. Hooking rugs is a simple craft that you can easily teach yourself. Never take a piece bigger than 3″ or so wide to the cutter. You will need wool, a way to cut it into strips, a foundation material to hook into , a hook and some type of frame or hoop, scissors, a needle and thread and a pattern. A cut refers to the width of the strip of fabric you're using when hooking. Top strip washed in a machine with an agitator. 1. I prefer 36” (1 yard) but will occasionally dye 18” for smaller projects. Doesn’t seem that difficult but I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Snip at each of the folds, two on one side and one thick one on the other. Ripping keeps your edges on the straight of grain. How wide you cut the strips is up to you, but they should … When your rug is complete, you can roll two inches of the excess burlap into the twill tape and hand sew it along the backside of your rug. I’ve tried cutting and tearing the wool, but the edges look so messy either way. Just because the label says 100% wool, it does not make it right for rug hooking To avoid getting sore shoulders or hands, take lots of breaks, and make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and that your body is relaxed. etc.!) I am going to keep going. I inquired re a class here in the city last year, but the cost was too high 100.00, plus materials for this senior’s pocketbook. 99 Continue doing this with the same strip of wool, pulling it up loop by loop to the top side of your pattern. I prefer wool because the edges are smooth. (240) 240 reviews. All Oatmeal Rug Hooking Wool - 100 #4, #6, OR #8 Sized Primitive Hand Cut Wool Strips for Rug Hooking or Punch Needle LoopbyLoopStudio. Saved by Liz Fox. I have been cursing a wool that I am currently hooking in a rug. Bliss model a fabric cloth cutter for primitive rug hooking fabric strip cutter rug hooking easy craft ideas pin em rug hooking and special rugs wool strips and cording hooked rugs primitive rug hooking used rug hooking equipment fraser 500 1 wool or fabric cutter you rigby cutter how to disemble rug hooking … *Measure accurately the size of strips already cut from a #3 to #10. You can hook in straight or curved lines. Your loops should be one quarter to one third of an inch in height. You can cut it into one quarter to one half inch strips. You can hook anything. I now have a new project to begin very soon. You It should be filled in nicely. Perfect for making braided rugs and other unique home and gift items. Mama, I never listened then but now I hear you all the time. Measurements will vary, though each piece measures a minimum of 100 square inches. I remember my MIL blocking needlepoint. At Wonderwool last week I was fascinated by the beautiful rugs made with by the standing wool rug-making technique also known as making a ‘quillie’ rug. great. Hook right up to the twill tape, or sew it on after the rug is hooked. I came home, drew a simple pattern on burlap and got started on a trivet pad using burlap.

how to cut wool strips for rug hooking

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